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Electronic Linecard

R.C. Merchant represents electronic components including displays, switches, power supplies and microelectronics.


DC Power Supplies, Configurable Modular Power Supplies, EMI Filters and more.


Design and manufacture intuitive human interface solutions.


Capacitors: Alumin​um Electrolytic, Ceramic, Film, KO-CAP, Supercapacitors, Tantalum; Components: EMI Cores/Filters, Suppressors, Inductors, Relays, Varistors & more.


Crystals, Oscillators, Resonators, Filters, TCXO/VCXO/OCXO, Power Inductors

J.N. White Designs

Membrane Switches, Graphic Overlays, Custom Labels, Custom Decals, Gaskets and Lenses

APM Hexseal

Hexseal & E-Seel Sealing Boots for Switches and Circuit Breakers and more.


Lite Pipes, Panel Mount Indicators & Lenses, Circuit Board Indicators, LEDs & LED Displays, Clips, Mounts, Spacers, Standoffs, Cable Assemblies for LEDs & Indicators

Bud Industries

Best known electronic enclosure manufacturer in the United States.