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Eaton Electrical Product Lines

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Eaton is a leading provider of quality backup power UPS, Uninterruptible Power Supply. Eaton UPSs are designed to deliver high quality backup power from desktop PCs to large data centers. UPS Products are organized in three categories: Workstation & Home UPS, Network & Server UPS, and Data Center & Facility UPS.

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Power Factor Correction

Capacitor and electronic means of Power Factor Correction provide well-known benefits to electric power systems. These benefits include power factor correction, poor power factor penalty utility bill reductions, voltage support, release of system capacity, and reduced system losses. A high power factor signals maximum use of electrical power, while a low power factor leads to purchasing more power to obtain the same load kW, which you pay for in various ways on your utility bill. Eaton offers a free power factor site evaluation to help safely reduce energy consumption.

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Surge Protection

Eaton has a comprehensive line of surge protective devices to meet your needs, regardless of the exposure risk. They help reduce costly downtime and protect sensitive electronic equipment against the damaging effects of transients caused by lightning, utility switching, internal load switching and more. Each unit is independently tested and backed by the largest engineering and technical support in the industry.

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Eaton Service & Support

Uniquely positioned to offer advanced, product based solutions to support your uninterruptible power supply needs.